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After An Affair

How to heal, Rebuild and Restructure After Infidelity

Like the walls of Jericho fell so did your relationship you are now swaddled in pain, hurt and betrayal. "Making it Work After an Affair" is more than just a book it is a guide to rapid self-healing, transformation and restoration. This manual will reach you in your depth of pain and guide you to light, joy, happiness and wholeness. After reading this book you will no longer feel alone, but you will be empowered, energized and educated about conquering and overcoming infidelity hell. 


Hello! I’m Patrice Ofre

I am an Inspirational Speaker; Certified Life Coach; Certified Marriage Mentor and an Author

I am an Inspirational Speaker; Certified Life Coach; Certified Marriage Mentor and an Author


My passion for seeing persons rise above the average life inspired me to become a Certified Life Coach. I teach people how to rapidly transform their lives. I guide you on how to transform your pain into fuel and to emerge from the fire like a falcon.

I am also the creator, of a weight loss program, Renewed Body Deep Cleanse, after years of unsuccessful dieting and trying to lose weight, my husband and I created a weight loss program that resets your body and activates your natural fat burner for rapid weight loss. The weight loss program not only helps you to lose weight and burn fat but it can reverse illnesses, such as hypertension, diabetes sinuses, etc., lead to stronger physical, mental and emotional health, and prolonged youth. The program is base on an ancient health strategy, which guarantees a positive change in your life, once you are committed. This program has helped so many lose weight and gain their confidence and health back.

In life we have to constantly change and find ways to always reach a higher level, with me as your Guide, the transformation process will be made much easier and smoother. 

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