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Ofre Building Her Gloabl Initiative was founded by Patrice Ofre. Ofre BuidlingHer Global Women Initiative is a global initiative that was created to aid all women no matter their location, race, religion, or belief, who have become broken or traumatize from a previous or existing relationship. We match women with coaches and counselors where they will receive free and affordable coaching and/or counselling sessions. Our motto is, “A healed woman equals a happy child, a happy man, and a better society”.


To help women heal who have become broken, hurt, and bitter from a previous relationship or an existing relationship. To teach women how to find and build healthy sustainable relationships. To guide women on how to transform into a greater version of themselves.


To connect women, who want help and are determined to change and become heal, with professional coaches and counselors so they can receive professional tools to teach them how to heal, how to manage triggers and how to maintain healing, etc. Create a virtual platform educating women on finding and building healthy sustainable relationships with their partner, finding their purpose, staying heal and how to handle adversities in the future, etc. Have a weekly virtual support group where women can come and receive professional advice and guidance and receive support from other women. 


We are working with women who wants change and is willing to do the work to transform their lives and heal from a broken relationship, whose marriage/relationship has reached a rough patch and need assistance navigating the waters to a place of peace and happiness again and for women who need help getting out and over of a toxic relationship.

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A healed woman equals a happy child, a happy man and a better society

about patrice - the founder

I’m Patrice Ofre, or you can think of me as someone who brings light into a person's life, relationships and marriages.


My purpose in life is to transform the lives of others and helping them to reach a higher dimension in life.

I am a certified, Life and Transformational Coach, I am also a certifed Relationship and Marriage Coach.

I teaches persons how to take their pain and use it as fuel to become a greater version of themselevs. 


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