About Me

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Who Am I ?

I am an Inspirational Speaker; Certified Life Coach; Certified Marriage Mentor

I’m Patrice Ofre, or you can think of me as someone who brings light into a person's life and relationships/marriages.


My purpose in life is to transform the lives of others and helping them to reach a higher dimension in life.


At the beginning of my marriage, we faced many challenges. One of the major problems that we faced was cultural-differences. He is from a culture where men are strongly respected and is the leader of the household and I was raised in a household where the woman was the head of the household. Also, I have always had a passion for seeing people in healthy relationships. I love, LOVE. These two created the pathway of me becoming a Certified Marriage Coach.

My passion for seeing persons rise above the average life inspired me to become a Certified Life Coach. I teach people how to rapidly transform their lives. I guide you on how to transform your pain into fuel and to emerge from the fire like a falcon.

I am also the creator, of a weight loss program, Renewed Body Deep Cleanse, After years of unsuccessful dieting and trying to lose weight, my husband and I created a weight loss program that resets your body and activates your natural fat burner for rapid weight loss. The weight loss program not only helps you to lose weight and burn fat but it can reverse illnesses, such as hypertension, diabetes, sinuses, etc., lead to stronger physical, mental and emotional health, and prolonged youth. The program is base on an ancient health strategy, which guarantees a positive change in your life. This program has helped so many lose weight and gain their confidence and health back.

In life we have to constantly change and find ways to always reach a higher level, with me as your Guide, the transformation process will be made much easier and smoother. 

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Patrice's Purpose

My purpose in life is to transform the lives of others and helping them to reach a higher dimension in life.

For years, she has searched to find what was her purpose on this earth. She asked herself many times, “why was I created?”. During one of the most fiery and painful chapters in her life, came forth gold, which was her purpose. She realized that her gift and purpose from her Creator was to inspire, motivate and transform others into becoming a ‘greater them’ and to guide persons in building healthy relationships such as marriages. She guides others on how to construct and maintain meaningful long-lasting relationships with their partners and themselves, which is base on unconditional love. She teaches others how to strategically turn pain into fuel that will cause them to live a life above the average human being. She advises and inspires others how to dance, function and win when all odds are against them. She helps you to locate your source of pain and weakness and extract it from within you and replace it with power, strength, hope, inspiration and purpose. Her love is based on helping others to enhance their way of life and start living in a higher dimension. What others would deem as fire and destruction she teaches others to see as light and knowledge.


Certified Life Coach; Certified Transformational Coach, Certified Solution Focused Coach; Certified Positive Psychology Coach

Universal Coach Institute

​Certified Marriage Mentor 

The Institute For Marriage and Family Affairs

​Master’s in Accounting & Financial Management 

Keller Graduate School of Management​

​Bachelor’s  in Management Studies 



 University of the West Indies