After An Affair

How to heal, Rebuild and Restructure After Infidelity

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When I embarked on writing this book, the number one vision was to help persons overcome one of the most painful scenes a marriage or a relationship can encounter. Often we are defeated by the pain we endure as a result of an affair. With my personal experience and formal education, I choose to write this book, to let you know that during the darkest time of your life you are not alone, and it is possible to emerge from the bowels of infidelity hell like a rising falcon.


When we are pain it is very difficult to process information and make logical profitable decisions. When we are submerged in agony and torment our mind seeks for the quickest relief whether it is just temporary or permanent, good or bad. All we are thinking in that moment is how to make it stop. This book offers you rapid permanent transformation and healing to your life and relationship. This book will penetrate and destroy the thickest walls of pain your marriage will endure, to give you relief, vision, and strength to fight to heal yourself and rebuild your relationship. This book will be your armor and sword to help you win the infidelity war against your relationship.


After reading this manual your vision, love and hope will be restored. This book teaches you how to self-heal and how to use pain and tragedy to excel and live a life in a higher dimension. You will learn how to love someone when they are unlovable. The book guides you how to remove the lens of fear and wear only the lens of love. You will be equipped with strategic wisdom that will restructure and restore your relationship which will lead to long-lasting happiness in your life and your marriage. When life give you lemons take it and make a tall jar of margarita and dance while doing it.

Infidelity is not the end, it is the beginning…

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