Updated: Mar 17

We have always been told that it is not okay quit. That is quitting is for losers and we should always find an alternative than to quit. I am letting you know that it is okay to quit.

Quitting Unhealthy Relationships:

It is okay to quit that unhealthy relationship. We spend so many years watering that which is dead and has already cross over and cannot be resurrected. We are afraid that if we leave the relationship someone else will have a relationship with your ex-partner and reap all that you have sown. However, while you are having this mentality and remaining in a fruitless relationship you are losing yourself; your value is decreasing, you lose your self-confidence and self-love you are always sad, bitter, angry and full of resentment. I want you to know that you are a king, you are a queen and anyone who is attach to you their value would increase. There is greatness inside of you. You have a great worth and purpose. So stop trying to hold on to a relationship that is only bringing death to you. I know you are saying if I let quit and walk away, what would my life like, etc etc who would do the things for me that this person is doing. The truth is that you will not find that person, however, you will find someone who will do it times ten and even do things for you that you didn’t know that you need. So stop procrastinating and focusing on the what ifs and quit that unhealthy relationship and walk into happiness, joy, peace and love.

Quitting Friendships

When you are travelling to another country you are only allowed to take a limited amount of luggage and so it is with life. When you are going to a higher dimension you must leave certain friends behind. Not that they are bad person (sometimes they can be bad persons and negatively affecting your life), but because they do not have the substance, knowledge and validity to support you to get you to a higher level. As I was going to a higher level in my life to birth my purpose, I had to separate myself from certain “friends” because all they had to offer me were gossips and meaningless conversation. Their responses to my departure only made it more concrete that I should not be around them anymore. They slander my name and spread vicious rumors about me. However, my purpose did not allow their agenda to have a negative impact on my life. When you are going to higher levels you must leave certain persons behind. You must walk away from that toxic friendship that is not adding any substance or nutritional value; to your life. If you only eat sweets, candy, cake and junk food eventually you are going to sick; that is what toxic friends are like. If your trying to move to a higher dimension in your, you have to surround yourself with person who are going to add value to your life and help you live in purpose. Do not worry about what they will say but focus on your end goal which is living a greater better life basking in you purpose and happiness. So when you exit that toxic relationship you life your head higher and strut out with grace

Quitting Your Job.

It is okay to quit your job. We spend so many hours and years slaving away at a job that we hate. It eats away us away at the inside because we are afraid to quit because we are wondering about the bills what others would say etc ( I am not telling you not to pay your bills or support your family), instead of locating and activating our gift and living in our full potential. We all are design for a particular purpose in this life and if you live your life not journeying on the pathway of accomplishing that which you were created for, you would live a life of misery and regret. There are so many buried dreams and purpose in the cemetery. Do not let that be. There are so many persons when they get older, they life a life a regret, they regret not taking that chance, they regret not believing in themselves. Believe in You!!! Invest in You!!! Take a chance on You!! Do all in you power to live a purposeful life. Develop a mentality if I perish, I perish but I must manifest my purpose into this realm. When you live outside of your purpose you feel, lost empty and misguided. You also develop jealously especially when others are elevating in life, because you are saying that should have been me. Yes, it should have been you, but you listen to the negative voices instead of feeding the positive ones and investing in you. You have the potential, knowledge, wisdom, endurance and perseverance to fulfill your dreams and goals.

Quitting School

Certain families dictate to their children what they should study or become on this life because of certain social status. Neglecting the fact that their child has their own dreams and ambitions. As such the family causes them to function and live at a lower level than they should be living. I know a young lady whose parent demanded that she studies medicine, however she want to be a singer. She has an angelic voice. Moreover, she allowed the dictation and threats of her parents to hinder her from activating and living in her purpose. Do not allow ANYONE or anything to cause to operate below your level. Do not allow ANYONE to stop you from birthing your purpose.

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